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London Square Trellis

From £19.85
inc. VAT

A high quality European square trellis, available in the following sizes: Read more

183 x 30 cm
(6ft w x 1ft h)
£19.85 inc Vat
183 x 45 cm
(6ft w x 1ft 6" h)
£21.00 inc Vat
183 x 60 cm
(6ft w x 2ft h)
£25.00 inc Vat
183 x 90 cm (1 remaining) (Out of stock)
(6ft w x 3ft h)
£28.25 inc Vat
183 x 120 cm
(6ft w x 4ft h)
£33.75 inc Vat
183 x 150 cm (Out of stock)
(6ft w x 5ft h)
£40.15 inc Vat
183 x 180 cm (Out of stock)
(6ft w x 5ft 11" h)
£46.60 inc Vat

Importing direct in bulk from one of Europe's biggest FSC registered fence panel and trellis manufacturers allows us as a company to pass on our saving to our customers, hence our very reasonable price for an excellent quality product.


This high quality European square trellis is available in a selection of heights.  The shorter height trellises can be slotted on top of flat traditional fencing panels such as the Super Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Waney Lap or Flat Feather Edge Vertical Tanalized Green Panel.

The larger trellis panels can be used standalone with slotted posts of all types or mounted onto timber posts with fence clips.

Both types offer ways to screen areas of the garden giving added privacy where it's needed.  They are pressure treated for enhanced looks and greater durability.

Timber is a natural product which may crack, split, discolour or expand and does not detract from the quality of the product supplied.

London Square Trellis


Our London Square Trellis is constructed from:

  • Planed all round timber
  • Width 6ft (183cm)
  • 45mm x 45mm framing kiln dried to <24%
  • Tenon and Mortise Joints to framing
  • Internal lattice spacing varies with the height of the panel:
    • All lattice gaps are 88mm wide horizontally
    • 1ft (30cm) panel: 1 horizontal batten, lattice gap 91mm high.
    • 18" (45cm) panel: 2 horizontal battens, lattice gap 101mm high
    • 2ft (60cm) panel: 3 horizontal battens, lattice gap 106mm high
    • 3ft (90cm) panel: 6 horizontal battens, lattice gap 90mm high
    • 4ft (120cm) panel: 8 horizontal battens, lattice gap 97mm high
    • 5ft (150cm) panel: 11 horizontal battens, lattice gap 90mm high
    • 5ft 11" (180cm) panel: 13 horizontal battens, lattice gap 94mm high
  • Stainless Steel fixings used
  • All timber is tanalized green to class 3 for longer life


The London Square Trellis is always 183cm (6 feet) wide and is available in a selection of heights. 

London Square Trellis

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London Square Trellis

London Square Trellis

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