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Firewood - Kiln Dried Hardwood

Firewood - Kiln Dried Hardwood

Firewood Supplies

Wood is a naturally occurring source of fuel for domestic open fires and wood burning appliances such as stoves, chimeneas and pizza ovens. Firewood quality is all about moisture content. The drier the wood the better it burns. Kiln dried hardwood logs are far superior to seasoned / unseasoned logs. At Pennine Fencing we supply only high quality kiln-dried firewood derived from sustainably harvested hardwood timber sources. Kiln-dried hardwood is kind to your pocket in the longterm as it reduces heating costs by its efficiency, heating a room faster and burning for longer than other cheaper firewood sources such as softwood and insufficiently dried seasoned logs. It is also environmentally friendly in comparison to other fuel sources.

Kiln Dried Oak

Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Excellent value winter heating with Kiln Dried Oak Logs available in bigger 40L nets:-

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