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Kiln Dried Oak Logs

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Excellent value winter heating with Kiln Dried Oak Logs available in bigger 40L nets:- Read more

40 L Net
15 - 20 logs / net
£6.75 inc Vat

Self collected price.

Kiln Dried Oak Logs

The oak timber is air dried before being kiln dried to achieve a moisture content well below 20% which means it lights relatively easy with kindling.  As a denser log it will need a little more draft / air from the stove setting initially, however once a good base is achieved a reliable long lasting slow burning with a great heat output is achieved making this a highly efficient fuel source. Oak has a claorific value of 3.80 kwh/kg  which puts it above Birch at 3.71 kwh/kg and Ash at 3.58 kwh/kg and above three times more efficient than seasoned logs.  Kiln dried logs burn much cleaner than normal seasoned logs which keeps stove and flue problems to a minimum.  

Our Kiln Dried Oak Firewood is:

  • High quality hardwood Oak - denser than other hardwoods so burns for longer
  • Kiln Dried to below 20% moisture - dry, ready to burn efficiently and clean
  • 25 - 30 cm lengths of split logs - size suitable for most appliances / grate
  • 40 Litre net - much bigger than the average net or plastic bag size
  • approx 15- 20 pieces per net
  • Logs contained in 40 x 60 mm nets / weigh @18kg - easier to carry and store

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Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Kiln Dried Oak Logs

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